Park Run 🏃‍♀️ Tourism

With the combination of Mr S working some Saturdays and Little Man’s swimming lessons when I have a Saturday free I’m keen to run. This weekend we’re in Bristol visiting family en route to our holiday in Tenby. After a quick internet search I discovered the nearest Park Run was only 10 minutes walk from my Father in Law’s house where we were staying, so perfect for a visit. The conditions were poor we dodged most showers but it was windy and a bit chilly ( though I was still in short sleeves)

Pomphrey Hill Park Run is a 3 lap course with the infamous Pomphrey Hill, a short sharp hill near the end of the lap. Apart from the hill it’s a pretty flat course with down hill to negate the climb. Little Miss joined me for the run but was struggling with the conditions and feeling tired, we walked at times but after 2 laps she decided to retire. I left her with money for a drink and a promise not to move from the pavilion. I ran the last lap pretty fast and think if I had run it alone I would have been close to a PB. When I finished I went to find Little Miss but couldn’t see her. I walked along looking out and then to my surprise I saw her in a group of runners finishing. She had had a sip of her drink and then realised that she could and wanted to finish the Park Run and headed off on lap 3, my little star. I was so proud of her but most importantly she was so pleased of herself and felt so strong and ‘resilient’ (her word which I think comes from the positive mindset work they’ve done at school)

I enjoyed the atmosphere of this Park Run the volunteers really were lovely and so encouraging, especially the lady on top of Pomphrey Hill. I think it was probably quieter today being holiday season and some pretty awful weather but it had a nice community feel. It was great to have a Park Run so close to us and definitely one to return to if we’re at Grandad’s on a Saturday morning.

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