My Sunday Photo #7


After a wet, miserable winter of wading through mud on my Sunday morning trail runs, today made me remember why I do it. The warm sun on your face, stunning country and sea views, saying hello to the cows and horses en route and enjoying the smell and sight of the wild flowers. Sunday morning runs are my time, helping me to prepare for the week ahead.


Life Humming in the Background …


This is one of those posts which I don’t really know where it’s going to go.  I’ve not written for a while not because I’ve lost my blogging mojo nor because life is too busy or that I’m procrastinating. I just can’t describe  how life feels like at the moment.  Life is humming in the background as I make sure everyone is fed, dressed and where they should be at the correct time and with correct equipment.  I play and laugh with the children, arrange play dates, do homework. share music etc..  Work is fine and I’m enjoying a project I’m doing.  The children and Mr S are all well and happily bobbing along.  Its just that I don’t seem to be so sparkly and dynamic and I don’t know why.  I’m lacking inspiration in lots of what I do, meals are simple and old favourites, I’m wearing old comfy familiar clothes even my gym routine veers on the predictable but I find myself craving this normality and routine.  I’m not tired or ill and am outside lots, the spark is just faded. I know I could jump my self into action with a  new project or try something different but I don’t feel I need to.  I need to relax and embrace what my body is telling me, life is on a low volume whilst I recharge and I am genuinely okay with that.